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Does Penis Size Matter? What 2017 Study Revealed

Does Penis Size Matter? What 2017 Study Revealed

Today I'm going to tell you about a 2017 study we have done looking at the effect of human penis size on male attractiveness. Does penis size matter?


So modern Western culture is obsessed with penis size. You don't have to go very far to discover this, if you got on your local newsagent and look at Cosmopolitan, you'll soon find articles are asking “does penis size matter?”, “is a larger penis better than a smaller one?”. And if you go to the men's side of things you'll see an obsession with penis size, which is reflected in jokes; and white males interact with each other which seems to imply that penis size is a highly advantageous character, and a larger penis is better. But there is a little bit of a contradiction between the two: this emphasis on large penis size and at the same time studies saying “maybe penis size doesn't matter.” For example, perhaps having kind eyes, or a good sense of humor is more important. So what is the truth? What is the reality? Does penis size matter or not?

Now this is not just a question for a long time. So for example, if we look at Medieval times, we have a feature such as cut pieces, which are clearly designed to emphasize this part of the male anatomy. So this interest in penis size has been around for quite a while and spanned a range of cultures. It's also a valid scientific question. So reputable scientists such as Jared Diamond and Jeffrey Miller have asked why is penis size so large in humans about other primates. So for our body size, we appear to have a larger than expected penis size. Why is that?

penis size

What we wanted is to answer this question scientifically using an objective method. We wanted to try and get around all the problems with question because people lie or unintentionally lie. So we wanted a more objective way to reach the answer.

So what we did is create a whole bunch of male humanoid figures ( an i.e. bunch of naked guys), computer animations and these varied in three parameters:


  • height - how tall they were;
  • body shape, which was basically the shoulder to hip ratio;
  • penis size.


Now the range of values, we use these 7 values for each character, was such that 95% of men would fall within this range. So we didn't go to the absolute extremes, but most men are covered by this range. And one thing I want to emphasize to you here is that we know from previous studies that body shape is important, females generally prefer V-shaped men - broader shouldered. And heights matters -  women generally prefer taller men. So that allows us to calibrate and say that in that context how important is penis size. We need some kind of benchmark.


Here you can see the extremes of the figures that we generated. So the first figure is the most shortest with the smallest penis. Figure 3 is the tallest, the most broad shouldered, narrow hips, with the largest penis. So those are the extremes. Now these figures were presented at life-size to the subjects and in addition we arranged for them to move.

So how did we collect the data? Well, we asked 205 women to view full life-size video images. We thought it was important to afford a life-size because your response to the size properties is quite a visceral response. And that could give a very different onset then to the more traditional approaches simply asking women to assess figures that are presented on a piece of paper or maybe on a small computer screen. 

What we found is that height and penis size were equally important and that were unexpected results.

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