How Penis Enlargement Exercises Work?

penis anatomy


In this article, I am going to tell you about the natural methods to enlarge your penis size. But before I begin let me tell you about the penis anatomy. The male penis is made up of three chambers. And during the erection blood rushes through these chambers to enlarge your penis. Some guys have small chambers, and penis enlargement exercises would help them increase the size of these chambers.


Why enlarge your penis naturally? Why should go for natural treatment? Because:


  1. It has no side effects;
  2. Results are permanent;
  3. It is easy and convenient;
  4. It is cheap;
  5. You do not need any pills, weights, extenders, pumps, surgery because it can be done


There are natural techniques that can increase your penis size without pills, pumps or surgery. This is an example of those natural methods.



Get your penis semi-erect and sit up straight in a comfortable chair. You will need to make sure that you are lubricated. Put one hand close to the base of the penis. Put the other hand close to the bottom, squeezing it slightly, and begin moving that hand towards the head of the penis. This should be done slowly, taking three-five seconds to complete the stroke.


Continue to do this as long as it is soothing. Stop if you feel any pain or discomfort. Always be sure to use a lukewarm cloth to warm up and cool off. This is a part of the key to doing this correctly.


Be incredibly careful when doing any penis enlargement exercise. Being overly aggressive can cause penile damage. Done properly, natural penis enlarging activities can increase the length, girth, and overall health of your penis.


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