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How To Increase Your Penis Size With Penis Exercises

How To Increase Your Penis Size With Penis Exercises

I want to tell you about penis exercises. Penis exercises are a just simple exercise that you do to enlarge your penis permanently. Results are permanent.

What you're doing is you are expanding the blood vessels by slowly forcing blood into chambers. And over time, the chambers will expand, and it can allow more blood to get in your penis, which basically makes it bigger because when your penis gets hard, it is full of blood.

First, what you are going to do is warm up your penis. There are a couple of good ways to do that. First, you can warm with the hot towel, just wrap it around your penis. Not blistering hot, you do not want to burn your penis. Do that two times. Or you can just take a hot bath or a hot shower.

The reason for getting your penis warmed up first is to prevent injury.


After you get it warmed up, you want to give yourself some lube.

Then you start your penis exercises. You get your penis semi-erect, approximately 70% erect, to the point where it is big, but you want it to be flexible, not rock hard.

If your penis is close to being half-erect, this will increase your penis length. If your penis is close to being fully erect, this will increase penis girth(width). Use a slower and longer stroke time when doing penis exercises for girth.

So you get your penis nicely lubed up, and you are going to start your penis exercises. Take an OK sign and wrap it around the base of your penis. And then slowly pull forward. Grip it firmly but not hard and force the blood right away to the tip and then slide your fingers off the end. Once again, you grab the base and push the blood. Be gentle with yourself at first.


You can do it with the other hand if you want. Grab the base, slowly force the blood. If you start to get erect - stop.

This is a basic penis exercise. You should perform it every day per 6 minutes.

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