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How To Jelq To Avoid Penile Injury

How To Jelq To Avoid Penile Injury


A lot of men do jelqing exercise for penis enlargement. What is it and does it work? How to do jelq to avoid injury?


Jelqing is a method that a lot of men use, and they claim that it creates penis enhancement in length and girth. Essentially it is a stretching exercise whereby man forces and increase blood flow to the penis. He uses a milky motion which is just like it sounds, like milking a cow. He moves one hand up to the tip of the penis followed tightly by the other. This makes blood remain in the penis. This method is thought to enhance the bulk of the penis to restrain blood which, therefore, increases the size.

Unfortunately, there is no real proof, that this actually creates significant and constant length to the penis. And, in fact, it can damage the penis. The invasive nature of jelqing can cause skin scratches, it can cause nerve injury and even hurt the tissue of the penis.

So in order to do the jelqing exercise properly and without any injuries, you should follow these steps.

1. Warm up your penis first. You can warm up your penis in the hot shower, or you can use a hot washcloth. You must do this step in order to avoid any injuries.

2. When your penis in a half erect state (not 100% erect), you should make an OK sign with your fingers and grab your penis at the base. Then you start jelqing, slowly push your OK sign up and stop just before the head of your penis. Do it slowly and gently, repeat the motion with the other hand.


OK Sign

You should do this exercises every day for 1-2 months in order to see the results. Don't forget to warm up your penis before doing jelqing exercise, it is the very important step.

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