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How to Use a Penis Pump: A Few Basics You Need to Know

How to Use a Penis Pump: A Few Basics You Need to Know

In this article, we are going to talk about penis pumps and how to use a penis pump. You might have heard of a penis pump before but the truth is you may not know how does penis pump actually work. And yes, they do work. Penis pumps can work wonders when it comes to making your sex life more dynamic and your size much more impressive. What guy does not want that? Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will be inspired to see how a penis pump can change your sex life and boost your confidence.

What are penis pumps and what do they do? Well, a penis pump works by applying suction to the penis. And with regular use it will not only help add length to your penis but also girth. Amazing, right?

Also, a penis pump can help you achieve an erection. A penis pump is simple to use, and it is extremely useful. It has quick release valve and a vacuum seal. Penis pump makes you stay harder for longer.


So how to use the penis pump? Insert your penis into the shaft and use a medical style ball to pump up the suction until you reach your desired level of enhancement. Then push the quick release button to mediate the pressure and slowly withdraw from the shaft. The quick release valve is really necessary for safety because you do not want to maintain too much pressure on the penis for too long, and a quick release valve is a really easy way to be able to keep that.

How to use penis pump

To enhance your experience with a penis pump, be sure to use lubricant, that is available on water based, silicone, gel.

When you finish pumping, keep your pump clean with an anti-bacterial cleaner that is available in traditional spray or foaming form.

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22.07.2015 | Eric
Thank you for useful article. I just have bought a penis pump and I'm going to use it the first time, hope it will increase my penis