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You know what jelqing is, its procedure and elements. Now, you will find out more…
Today, we can find a number of various methods of penis enlargement and enhancement. But…
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Jelqing Techniques 2017

Jelqing Techniques 2017

Jelqing technique is an exercise that men have been using to make penis bigger in 2017. Jelqing motion primarily consists of a "milking" motion.

You need to warm your penis up before you do the exercise. So take a washcloth soak in water and microwave it, so it is warm. And then wrap it around your penis and hold, so your tissues are ready to workout.

Warm up penis

From here get an erection. Well, get a partial erection. Then grab your penis at the base of your shaft with the OK sign. And it is important that you use lube, for example, baby oil. What you need to do is grip and simply stroke over five to six seconds from the base to the tip. It is really that simple. Firmly Squeeze at a pressure that is comfortable. Move the group forward without losing position on the skin. And then do the same with the other hand. You should repeat that for a certain number of sets and reps.


What you are doing to yourself when you are jelqing is you are trapping the blood, and you are forcing it through your penis, which is making the veins in your penis get bigger so they can allow more blood flow.

You need to remember to do 5-6 seconds strokes for this particular exercise. You can do 5 to 8 seconds if you really want to, but 5-6 seconds is about right.  If you go faster than that, remember you trapping blood, that blood will get pushed to the head of your penis and

have nowhere to go and then you will get like pinpricks of blood on the head of your penis, so do not do that.

Of this one exercise, you should expect t see about a half of an inch of the length over the course of a month.

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