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X4Labs penis enhancer

So, having smaller penis size can pretty demoralize a man and make him feel sick. Therefore, smaller penis forces guys to find any way to make their “strength” bigger and more impressive. You have to use only reliable and well-known products and ways to reach your aim and make your body sparkle.


And we will help you find your perfect penis enlargement device, make your life better and more intense, and enjoy your sexual life and virile strength in full. We have compiled a range of penis enlargement products and consumer reviews for you to select the best one. Today, we offer you to consider the X4 Extender Device and its results.

The X4 Extender Device to Better Sexual Performance

The X4 Extender Device uses the principle of traction to enlarge a penis stimulating penile regeneration that bulks up the penis and makes it longer and thicker. By applying measured amounts of stress to the male member, this device extends and strengthens it and improves male sexual activity.

X4 will help you get rid of common sexual problems such as premature ejaculation or weak erections perfectly repeating your autonomy and enlarging your penis in several months.

We will not secret that the online market offers other penis extenders with better benefits and lower prices (the #1-rated ProExtender is one shining example), but some men who have used the X4 Extender experience perfect enlargement results (though a group of guys has achieves no results applying the X4 Extender) and report their success in the increased length and strength of the penis during and after the X4 Extender therapy. The manufacturer also states that the penis results achieved by using this device will be permanent.


The next chapter will tell you about the expected effect of the X4 Extender, the achieved results and real reviews of the guys who have used the device to improve their sexual life. By offering you complete package of the information, we wish you to make a wise and balanced decision as regards the purchase of the product.

The X4 Extender. What Are Its Gains?

The manufacturer of the X4 Extender states that this device is a medical penis enlargement device with C1 certified for premium safety, adjustable, perfectly repeats the autonomy of the penis and is deemed to be safe for man’s health.

By using the X4 Extender device, the consumers are promised to achieve:


  • Perfect penis length and girth
  • Perfect penis size that boosts self-confidence
  • Better erectile function

X4 Extender study

Nowadays, we can find a lot of similar products that promise better results and effects, but the X4 Extender is simple and typical.

You have read the manufacturer’s offers and promises, and now you have an opportunity to know what real consumers think about this product.

Positive X4 Extender Reviews

As the device fits any penis, no matter of what size it is, it is found to be comfortable and ensure good results. Though men who wished to achieve super effect by wearing the X4 Extender, did not get incredible enlargement results, they noticed the growth for an inch or two and thicker penis as well, and assessed their X4 Extender devices as “respectable”.

Negative X4 Extender Reviews

There are guys who have noticed no results from using the X4 Extender device and stated that the product did not comply with the manufacturer’s claims. They have experienced no growth of their penises and no improved sexual performance calling the X4 Extender a waste of money. A few men complained that it was uncomfortable to wear, and felt some soreness.


X4 Extender is our fourth-ranked penis extender. Perhaps, you want to achieve better results by using higher-rated devices and spending more money, and experience bigger virile strength. So, you can buy the ProExtender being one of the best penis enlargement devices. However, if you lack an inch or two to enjoy perfect sexual life, we recommend you X4 Extender.

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